Fallschirmsport Airtime


Jump Altitude 4000m

Freefall Speed approx. 200 km/h

Freefall Time approx. 50 sec

A simple and uncomplicated varaity of jump which allows you a fascinating introduction to the sport of skydiving. No previous knowledge and no great investment in time mean you can realize the age-old dream of being able to fly with Fallschirmsport Airtime.
Our Tip: We can present your Tandem Jump vouchers in our stylish gift packaging – at no extra cost. Postage is also inclusive.


Max. Weight 95 kg*

Minimum Height 140 cm*

Minimum Age 12 *

* If you are outside of these requirements please contact us directly. In the case of under age persons the legal guardian should contact us.


Tandem Jump 239 €

Video or Photos 115 €

Video and Photos135 €

In our online shop you can purchase Tandem Jump Gift Vouchers. This special gift is a Tandem Jump with Fallschirmsport Airtime. Gift vouchers for a video or photos for the Tandem Jump from 4000m are also available.

Our Tip: We can present your Tandem Jump vouchers in our stylish gift packaging – at no extra cost. Postage is also inclusive.


Tandem skydiving

A tandem jump gives you an uncomplicated opportunity to experience a fascinating sport. Quickly and with no prior knowledge, you can experience a tandem jump together with a trained and specially selected “Tandemmaster” (Qualified and experienced skydiving instructor in tandem jumping). You and your tandem instructor will use a two parachute system where you are securely attached to your instructor throughout the whole jump.

1. Briefing

Tandem Jump - Briefing

Your tandem instructor discusses with you the complete Tandem Skydive, you will learn everything important that you need to know. You get from us a quick demonstration of exit, free-fall, and landing position and you're set to go.

2. Climb to altitude

Tandem Jump - Climb to altitude

Our airplane brings us in approx. 15-20 minutes to an altitude of 4,000m. During the climb you have time to enjoy the view over the region. We will make the final preparations and once again talk you through whole tandem skydive.

3. Jump

Tandem Jump - Jump

4,000m means "Exit"! At the "jump altitude" you move together with your tandem instructor to the door, Ready, Set, Go!!!

4. Freefall

Tandem Jump - Freefall

Now it's about a minute towards the earth with a freefall speed of 200km/h, extreme action, adrenaline and fun!

5. Parachute Opening

Tandem Jump - Parachute Opening

At about 1,700m above the ground your tandem instructor will open the parachute.

6. Canopy flight

Tandem Jump - Canopy flight

Now you have 5-8 minutes to enjoy the view, flying the canopy.

7. Landing

Tandem Jump - Landing

Safely and gently, we will land in the drop zone.